your Intuition brought you here

We are a unique team of educators teaching a totally new and combined methodology. Who are you beyond your wildest genes? We teach you to think outside the box, to innovate, to push the margins, let go of the sides, plunge inside and effect deep long-lasting change on all levels of physical, mental, physiological, energetic, emotional and spiritual health. The ageing body (birth on) has a slowly declining auric and energetic field. Through nutritional and adaptogenic foodstuffs, therapeutics and practices inducing hypo-hypnotic meditational states, we help our clients find balance, adaptability and to be fluid and free. You will learn a new vocabulary, new tools of what life is and how it can evolve. 8 clients supported and gently held in the centre of a bespoke individual journey. The setting is a luxurious biodynamic private estate in the depths of the Andaluscian hills. A deeply private space that creates softness, being and a rebuilding of depleted nervous systems.

2017 - late Summer - September 21 - 28 SOLD OUT
2018: Spring - May 17th Thursday - May 24th Thursday inclusive and then Late Summer - September: 20th Thursday - 27th September Thursday inclusive

The Big Pause is an experience like no other

Eight guests venture together into the magical hills of Cordoba, Andalusia, to nurture their health and explore their inner world. Just like the initiation rituals of our ancestors, this transports people into a place where they can incubate deep change. Some come to heal. Some to reconnect. Some to revitalise. Each person’s journey is unique, with no set ‘course’ or ‘regime’ to fit into.

An abundance of luxury and heart

The Big Pause is a place where you can find the support, space and stimulus to unfold and cultivate a new inner alignment. It is utterly bespoke and tailored to each individual. A full week with master practitioners in naturopathic health, supportive and superfood based cuisine, yoga, meditation, psycho-spiritual energetics, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing and intuitive counselling. All in a setting conducive to just letting go and going with the flow.

An unfolding

Set in a space of ravishing natural beauty, with 12,000 acres of wild landscape to explore, fine horses to ride, clear night skies to lie out under a blanket of stars. Secluded, secure and nestling at night under the Milky Way, it is as if time slows. All of which is key to opening the heart, letting it glow and expand, allowing it to lead the way.

Find a harmonious
sense of alignment

The magic at The Big Pause happens in the space in between. It is a spiralling, unfolding journey where an insight you gain in one session relates to an experience you have in another, or a dream you had, or a sign from nature. It is like a living dream, where the songlines are humming and you are receptive to the healing magic of intuition. So that you can gain a new sense of wholeness and inner harmony.

Release deeply and stretch your horizons

As the Zen masters would say, anyone can climb a flagpole, but how to learn to leap off? The Big Pause is designed to help people feel safe to make the leap. From the generosity and warmth of the rooms and guest experience. To the moments of stillness and contact with nature. To the support and healing brought by the whole team.

Be in a space of
magical possibility

The house and its grounds are historical, romantic, with sweet surprises around every corner. This being a private estate has the benefit of guests being able to feel fully at home, at ease, cared for and secluded. Like a midsummer night’s dream, the experience is slow, magical and entrancing.

What once felt hard
can become so fluid

Past guests have described The Big Pause as offering a turning point in life, resolving in a week something they sometimes had struggled with for decades, creating a seismic shift in their mode of health, being and relating, as if living life now from a higher ground of awareness.



“If there is anything in your life you want to face or have been trying very hard not to face - emotional or physical, past or present - this is the place where it will happen. The week-long stay is an unpicking, an opening. At times it can be raw, if it weren’t for the fact that you feel so held with the nurturing environment and above all the guests and masters. This is an exciting, eye-opening, exhilarating ride.” - The Telegraph

“A happiness guru - Jane’s yoga is therapy in itself. She can overcome a racing brain in one meditative session” - Tatler

“Seven days later, my ‘better self’ touched down at home, calmer and happier. The office barely recognised me of old, expressing their full, unequivocal support of my returning in 6 months’ time - I’ve already booked!” - Tatler Spa

“Jane is not only an exceptional yoga teacher but an inspirational guide towards positivity.” - Vogue



“I miss the magic of you all!!! Jane can you please host us again soon? It seems the only way I can get a class with you”! - H.R.

“Thank you to Jane & her wonderful team of alchemists for enabling us all to reach those dizzying heights of happiness & bliss” - F.K.

“Really missed you all today, and the birds cheering us on during Jane’s awesome yoga, Not to mention the master wise men and their healing. Dreaming about the horses, flowers, sunshine, pool, trees, turrets and chapel. Thank you all so much for your love, laughter, and light. I truly feel like a new person. You are all so wonderful” - T.N.