You could fly at 40,000 feet........
Evolve or Repeat

We welcome curious inner world travellers keen to develop their connection to their inner world. We never advertise, we meet through friends of friends or through fate on intergalactic highways and a blaze of starlight trails.

Retreat dates for 2022:
Thursday 5th - Wednesday 11th May 2022
Autumn dates to follow

An abundance of heart, beauty and luxury

Just like the initiation rituals of our ancestors, we conjure people to a place where they can incubate deep change. Some come to disconnect from the busy outer world. Some need to heal. Some to reconnect. Some to revitalise. Some to understand themselves more. Each person’s journey is unique, with no set ‘course’ or ‘regime’ to fit into.

An unfolding

We drop out of the everyday, become more atuned to the rhythm of nature and to the mystery of each unfolding moment. We commune with wilder parts of ourselves that we may have lost along the way. We hike or learn intuitive horse skills + connect to the beauty of the natural world

The space in between
is where the beauty lies

It's a spiralling, unfolding journey where an insight you gain in one session relates to an experience you have in another, or a dream you had, or a sign from nature. It is like a living dream, where the songlines are humming and you are receptive to the healing magic of intuition.

Release deeply and stretch your horizons

As the Zen masters would say, anyone can climb a flagpole, but how to learn to leap off? The Big Pause is designed to help people feel safe to make the leap. From the generosity and warmth of the rooms and guest experience. To the moments of stillness and contact with nature. To the support and healing brought by the whole team.

Be in a space of
magical possibility

The house and its grounds are historical, romantic, with sweet surprises around every corner. This being a private estate has the benefit of guests being able to feel fully at home, cared for and secluded. Like a midsummer night’s dream, the experience is slow, magical and entrancing. We also organise special events, sacred wedding ceremonies and private long weekend gatherings. Please contact us for this.


Past guests have described The Big Pause as offering a turning point in life, resolving in a week something they sometimes had hard-wired + struggled with for decades, creating a seismic shift in their thinking, being and relating, as if living life now from a higher and softer ground of awareness.



'Jane Kersel's sessions are in “shadow work”, a Jungian style hypnotherapy designed to elicit subconscious change. James Philip, offers spiritual channelling and energetic healing. Both these approaches may prove the most challenging, conceptually, for the sceptic, but both wrought the most dramatic change on every member of our group - The Telegraph

“A happiness guru - Jane’s yoga is therapy in itself. She can overcome a racing brain in one meditative session” - Tatler

“Seven days later, my ‘better self’ touched down at home, calmer and happier. The office barely recognised me of old, expressing their full, unequivocal support of my returning asap - I’ve already booked!” - Tatler

“Jane is not only an exceptional yoga teacher but an inspirational guide towards positivity.” - Vogue


some of our Testimonials

"I've learnt from the week that when I communicate from my heart I'm so much softer and kinder with myself and my relationship with men has really blossomed - I'm no longer defending and protecting."

"Feels truly wonderful...incredibly liberating to be honest with's truly amazing when you dig deep into patterns and then begin to notice how they keep repeating until you become cognisant of them and then lean how to shift them"

"I had such a special and wonderful time in September...I feel the benefits so much...please can I come again in May?"

"it was incredible! beyond what i dissolved in myself, the journey was second to none...everything en all seems so dream-like, almost surreal but I know I gained so much from it and will continue feeling that"

"Thank you for making me a better human being"