the big pause where are the pauses in your life that let the light in?

come back in May 2024!

welcome home....your intuition brought you here

We welcome curious inner world travellers who seek to integrate the play and dance between all the noble and at times fearful and confused selves within, so we become beautifully self-directed and intuitively driven.

ask for changes...take a leap of faith

We drop out of the everyday, become more atuned to the rhythm of nature and to the magic of each unfolding moment. We commune with wilder parts of ourselves that we may have lost along the way and find ourselves resting deeply back in our hearts

everything you want is on the other side of fear

It's a spiralling, unfolding journey, a living dream, where the songlines are humming and you are receptive to the healing magic of intuition and the calling of your soul

Release deeply and stretch into new selves

Come out of Queen of Swords energy - tough as nails - attack or defend - adrenal push - relax, refresh, receive, allow Spirit in to your life, stop blocking the waters

Be in a space of
magical possibility

Who could you be by bringing in more mystical? Be less wordy, more esoteric, less pin-down-able, less rational and linear. Allow yourself to dream, play, create, speak to spirit. Like a midsummer night’s dream, allow your life to be magical and entrancing.

there are no coincidences

only a call of faith to hold the highest trust as your new kingdom unfolds



'Wow...The experience brought the most exquisite change in every member of our group - The Telegraph

“A happiness guru - Jane can overcome a racing brain in one meditative session” - Tatler

“Seven days later, my ‘better self’ touched down at home, calmer, freer and happier - I’ve already booked for more learning” - Tatler

“Jane is not only an exceptional consciousness teacher but an inspirational guide towards positivity.” - Vogue

Guest feedback

"Feels truly liberating, I feel whole and connected"

"it was incredible! Dream-like, the food exquisite, I gained so much from it - I'm back next Spring"

"Thank you for making me a better human being"

'It's a hidden gem, so special and unique, I'm heading home feeling a million dollars'

'I never realised how much fun meditation and conscious relationships could be!!!!'