Where are you?

Here we are


This is as away from it all as you will ever get - literally off the map and off the grid, yet still in Europe and only two hours flight from London.  
A 20,000 acre secure and secluded private estate. Herds of deer, wild boar, cork trees, olive and orange groves, wild flower strewn meadows. An exquisite large finca, your guest suite might be a romantic circular tower, a cottage nestled between lemon trees, or a suite high up overlooking an infinite panoramic vista. No telegraph wires, no street lights, no wi-fi in the rooms, nothing to obscure the blanket of stars at night, complete silence for uninterrupted dreamtime and visionary awakenings - a truly rare commodity these days.

Rich in romance


Andalusia. Steeped in history. Where the Moorish traders from the near and far East planted their mulberry trees and co-existed peacefully with the Jewish and Christian communities. A place of heart. The birthplace and home of great scholars and mystics. The Cordoba estate. A beautiful warm and welcoming home for five generations, now a 5* plus experience of comfort and service. A unique secluded haven that now welcomes us all to stop, tune in and take a Big Pause.



Sometimes we can stay in hotels and the food is so rich or they just don't understand our need for gluten/wheat free or the perfect non-sweet green chlorophyll rich juice. Not here....At The Big Pause, we open our client’s eyes to a food revolution: to see food as a healing force that helps you live better, with more energy whilst simultaneously creating beauty and longevity. We source the best and most nutrient dense ingredients that makes eating a joy to the senses and a delight to the belly. Our meals rebalance the excess of stress and teach our clients counter culture strategies using adaptogenic herbs and superfoods to bring themselves back whenever they tip over the brink of health into imbalance.  
Beautiful attention to detail creates an experience of calm and comfort: from the open fireplaces to the Alice in Wonderland picnics and swimming in the natural waterfall at the old mill.



Because of our attention to detail and desire to give you the very best service from ourselves, we only take a handful of these retreats a year, booked either by individuals or by private parties. Sometimes small groups, families or companies want to go on the journey together which we can easily arrange with a smorgasbord of differing offerings somewhat different or the same as the Big Pause as is desired.. We see this as a calling and a privilege, an opportunity to enrich and be enriched by the journeys of extraordinary individuals.



The team is special, each member very much in demand in their own fields with long waiting lists, who come together for a week because they fully feel the potency of their time spent together, creating ground-breaking individual transformation and magic in its own right space.

Importantly it gives our clients a pause and space from their day-to-day reality in which deep positive change can be sown, deeply rooted and sustained over the week and beyond.

We talk with prospective clients to make sure it is the right place, right fit and right time for them. We endeavour to do things as sustainably as possible. We wouldn’t ever compromise based on profit. Unlike an hotel or commercial space, the estate has a purity of purpose and a high vibrational energy that builds - it won’t be used the following week for a business conference.



We specialise in offering a unique + bespoke venue for weddings, birthdays, sacred ceremonies and long weekend events for private groups or individual bookings. If you would like to know more please email us love@thebigpause.co.uk