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    In the first instance, let's have a chat, so please write to us: jane@janekersel.com

    We don't take everyone. We make sure that you are in the right space and that we are the right fit for you. From there, we send you a registration form and details on travel and suite allocation. At registration you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit to secure your booking (please see terms and conditions + our cancellation policy in the registration documentation).

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Get A Day

  • Morning Energy

    7.30AM - 8.30am - Quiet space, journaling,
    Teas, fruits and probiotics.

  • 8.30AM - 10.00AM

    Silent led meditation, breath work and yoga (we study different forms that reflect the need to listen to what the mind and body wants on a daily basis) or personal training. We also have mini-trampoline & rope walls for inversions.

  • 10.00AM - 11.00AM

    Brunch and breaking silence.
    11.00AM - 12PM
    group consciousness development session

  • 12 NOON - 6.30PM

    Individual master sessions of shamanic healing, intuitive counselling, bodywork, hypnotherapy, shadow work, free time for riding lessons/hacking out into the countryside, wilderness, sun catching, resting, napping, swimming, steaming and personal training. There are juices, kombuchas, keffirs, salads, soups, snacks served throughout the day to be taken as and when. The only meals takes together are brunch and dinner.

  • 7PM

    Dinner or early evening rides and late
    dinners for those who wish. Dinner can also be taken in private on your garden terrace.


    Workshops, talks, shamanic drum journeys, cooking masterclasses, creative writing, yin yoga and jeep driving to visit the deer + evening meditations amongst the old olive trees.


    Bed time can come whenever you need - there is no requirement to join in any of the group activities + meals can be served in your guest suite.

Get Lost

  • There is no actual ‘address’ to the property because it is so exclusive and hidden - even a local taxi would struggle to find the property as it’s deep in a Natural park. Guests are invited to fly either to Madrid and then take a fast train to Cordoba station or fly to Seville. Our team of drivers pick you up at the airport or station and deliver you to your room where your luggage is unpacked for you. Drive time from Cordoba station is approx 50 mins, and from Seville approx 90 mins.

  • Connection whilst at the Estate

    There is wi-fi connection but it is turned off at night so that we sleep off the grid away from any electromagnetic interference. We strongly recommend that guests take this time to unhook and step off the constant interruption of internet and mobile devices. Think of it as an electronic detox. If anyone needs to stay in contact with the outside world there is a land-line at the house but otherwise please organise yourself to be in ‘retreat’ or ‘air-plane’ mode to get the most from your time with us.

Get Answers

  • Is this a yoga retreat or a personal development course?

    No, it's neither. We focus on teaching people how to connect to their inner world, how to operate from their centre rather than be pushed and pulled by their outer world. To deepen their relationship to themselves and then outwards to others. A large part of the week involves mind/body exercise - movement that connects a client deeply back to their body (so expect to be challenged and to return fitter and more whole than you've ever felt before).

  • How is it different from other retreats?

    We live in disposable times of convenience foods, in-convenient relationships, head strong actions with heart breaking re-actions. There is little time to touch reality, to get real to what we truly feel, think, want. Retreats nowadays are a dime a dozen - some spa-like, some spartan, some guru-led, some purge to allow further excess. We are none of these. We are a living consciousness building programme that teaches a client to have their own consciousness practice, self-enquiry, and tools to calm their nervous systems


    We have created a journey + experience where everything is in unity to that process and cannot, nor should not, be segmented out. We use our expertise to tailor-make it for you and your needs with no additional add-ons once there.

  • Why eight people?

    Eight is a potent group number that holds the energy of infinity, rebirth, our soul stars and balance between all worlds and all layers. On a pragmatic level, when a retreat has more than 15 people you can feel lost in a crowd. There is little time for individual attention and everything is directed to the nearest common denominator. Eight is enough people to feel the conviviality, variety and stimulation of taking a journey together. But not so many that you could ever feel averaged out or hide.

  • What should I bring?

    As little physical baggage as you can manage without - you will definitely be traveling home lighter without the mental/emotional baggage for sure! Bring things you will feel soft, beautiful and comfortable in. Life is all about the inner world here - but for sure you can dress up if you like. It can be hot. Paths can be stony. Saddles can make you sore. Yoga requires a bit of flex. So don’t forget the practicalities. But there are snuggly white bath robes, Moroccan sandals, Michelle Roques O’Neil organic aromatherapy lotions and potions. And if you forget anything we can always sort it out while you are here. There are 8 private double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, hairdryers, bathrobes, slippers. Complimentary laundry service is included if necessary. Riding hats are also available and no yoga equipment is necessary).

  • How much do I need to organise by myself?

    Very little. Once you arrive at Seville or Malaga airport, or Cordoba train station, you will be met, driven to the house, your bag is unpacked for you and our attentive staff will make sure you are comfortable and your room kept lovely. Activities are mostly individual, some such as yoga are in the group. There is a ‘map’ of the journey we go on together, but it is an organic moveable schedule, not a strict programme or regimen - if you feel like lying in - you lie in!

  • How is my day organised?

    Each guest has a personal hand-made symbolic card that they receive on arrival - and fate and their intuition lends a hand in that symbology and its meaning. On the reverse is an individualised menu for the week depending on the reason for attendance. There is a bed-rock of yoga + meditation and daily exercise + body work to move out the cellular memory of the cells and to create space and healing. Whilst a programme of cooking classes, night time talks, energy learning and drum journeys are interwoven throughout the week. Guests have some twelve private sessions within their own unique journey with each master over the week.


    There are 8 double rooms all with ensuite bathrooms + private terraces. Couples are invited to take a bedroom each to re-find their own energetic pulse and rendez-vous at their leisure.   Rooms go on a first come first served basis - some are private cottages, romantic towers overlooking the rose garden, others in the main house, all are beautiful and relaxing with open log fires if ever the weather turns cold and candle-lit when you return back to your room for bed. There are no bulky keys to carry around but equally all rooms are fully lockable from the inside if you are used to hostile lock-up life in big cities ;)

  • Will I have to reveal my personal problems to strangers?

    No. This is not one of those ‘quick fix you’ courses. Everyone is on a different path and journey, the only thing in common being you are all here to softly and kindly renew your relationship with yourself in some healthier sweeter and more expansive way.

  • How did this come about?

    For some 15 years, Jane travelled annually to work and study with her teachers, Doctor Hal and Sidra Stone, in Mendocino California, At the same time she began to bring together a cohesive and highly trained team to work with her on helping people to grow, to heal, to expand their fields of awareness in relating to themselves and the world around them. She has honed her methodology into these unique personal odysseys that have become the offering at The Big Pause. She works closely as a mentor to the family that own the private estate and facilitates weekends and week-long private/corporate events for their international VIP’s and colleagues. She was given exclusive use of the estate by them and then went on to design + develop the house and grounds which had fallen into disrepair.

  • Get in touch

    If you would like to know more please contact us at:

    email: jane@janekersel.com.
    mobile +44 7771906006

    Registered office:
    Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square London WC1H 9LT

    Company Registration No. 07703824