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Nothing is as strong as gentleness. Do you have the stillness in you to choose the moment in faith to bring the high energy into that space and create magic

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Bring your faith from your deep waters not from your intellect. Create from bliss not scarcity. Be surrounded by the life you want from spirit - you carry the real value - the spiritual gold


Retrieve Taurus Moon - visceral, embodied, instinctual. Spin the wheel of life and bring in the next level, go to Source energy and co-create your human existence


Be in flow - everything you want is on the other side of fear - build your world in beauty and light


Don't be the feeding trough of every hungry heart - what nourishes and sustains YOU? Channel Venus into your life, softer, dream of life as the lover and the rapture in that


Be playful, be creative, make no excuses, drop your masks, act yourself, no expectations - marinade in this energetic


Sit with yourself, honour this place and connect to the dream.....We welcome curious inner world travellers who seek to connect on the cosmic highways - welcome to our tribe.

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Be in a place of manifesting from a true place of leadership of abundance and light. Scepticism of the negative mind needs to be taken out of this place. Keep to the higher plane