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Modern life is full of demands, delights and distractions. Never a dull moment. But sometimes we need to step out of the rush and find stillness in order to reorient ourselves. We need a quiet place to shed skins, assumptions, even a few tears. We need to catch ourselves in the mirror and recognise something emerging. We need a place to unfold, renew. What we need then is The Big Pause.

switch off

Nowadays we spend time, waste time, rush time, kill time, save time, running on the hamster wheel of life. Switching Off is much more than ‘relaxing’ (while really we are on Standby). It is about releasing the tension and letting go. That’s why everyday at The Big Pause we offer a bedrock of yoga, meditation, body work and contact with wild nature. Supported by organic farm-to-table food, superfoods and tonics which starts a fresh pathway to a healthy gut.


Once we have released deeply, we are free to fall into a feminine energetic which is passive, unfolding and intuitive. Some problems met in a masculine ‘head’ dominated outer life can simply dissolve in this feminine ‘heart’ led mode of being. Guests learn to get in touch with parts of themselves that may not have met before or for a long time.


You know that feeling when you are in sync? That feeling where you can’t wait to start something. Where smiling is the default. You feel lighter on your feet. If you take a shot at something, you can’t miss. When we have health, vitality, and renewed energy running through all the layers a wonderful world of possibilities opens up to us. That’s when you can tell you are making progress, finding new alignment and flow.


The Big Pause takes us on a rewind into the subconscious patterns and habits that got us to where we are today. Some of these are now outmoded and we need to adopt new ways of seeing and being in the world. Review what energies we are in and out of touch with and to bring ourselves back into balance ‘Wholistically’.


Remember what it felt like to be four years old? How colourful and tasty the world was? How long every day lasted? How funny or dreamy or exciting the simplest things could be? Years later when we are being serious, important, bossy, impressive, expert… we can forget to play. The playful sides of The Big Pause are riding, picnics, art stations and late night dips in the pool - there to help you lighten up and become freer in yourself.


Once we make the leap it is time to consolidate and plan. It becomes time to make conscious and unconscious intentions about what to take forward. What from The Big Pause can we integrate into our new life back at home? And through this phase we become a tribe of fellow inner world travellers, connecting and sharing with love.

skip forward

Guests leave the The Big Pause with such a glow of positivity, lightness, awareness and embodiment that they might barely recognise themselves as they were a week earlier. It is sometimes sad to leave such a paradise - but also exciting to start the next phase, to see the benefits of your revitalised sense of harmony and purpose, carrying a new sense of stillness with vigour.