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When was the last time you truly slowed down, maybe even stopped, took your foot off the gas pedal and asked - is this what i'm choosing? Modern life is full of demands, delights and distractions. But sometimes we need a quiet place, in the heart of mother nature to shed skins, catch our avoidance strategies, old assumptions and recognise that maybe something new is trying to unfold within us.

switch off

Nowadays we spend time, waste time, save time, running on the hamster wheel of life. 'Switching off' is much more than ‘relaxing’ (which is still us on a 'Standby' mode). Instead we need to unwind tension in our head and nervous system and soften into the heart. So, everyday we offer a bedrock of yoga, meditation, hiking or riding, exercise, body work and contact with nature. Supported by organic farm-to-table food, superfoods and tonics which start a fresh pathway to a healthy gut and our intuitive wisdom.


Once we start to unfold, we naturally drop into a softer, more tender, feeling, intuitive, energetic. Some problems met in a masculine ‘head’ dominated outer life can simply dissolve in this feminine ‘heart’ led mode of being. Guests learn to get in touch with parts of themselves they may not have met before or for a very long time.


You know that feeling when you are in sync, in flow? Where smiling is the default? You feel lighter, clearer? When we are aligned to a space of wiser thinking, wiser feeling, wiser action, a wonderful world of possibilities opens up to us. That's just a small part of what The Big Pause can do for you.


The Big Pause takes us on a rewind into the subconscious patterns, habits and addictive tendencies and thought patterns that have maybe got us to where we are today. Some of these no longer serve us now we are older and wiser and with consciousness work we have the opportunity to set new patterns of seeing and being in the world from a deeper and more centred heart space.


Remember what it feels like to be free and not keeping your eye on the clock? How funny, dreamy or exciting the simplest things could be? Years later when we are being serious, we forget to stay in touch with our softer more playful selves. We do surprise pop-up table/butler served picnics in remote picturesque spaces, stargazing at the milky way's shooting stars, open top jeep trips watching the deer at night, swimming in a magical lagoon, fun forms of exercise and embodied movement that have you fit without you even caring.


Through our sweet soft time together we become a tribe, and it's hard for everyone to leave. We learn so much about how we dance in relationship to ourselves and others, how we communicate so often through our heads when at times we seek to be merely felt in our hearts. We reconnect back to our inner worlds, stronger, suppler, with more confidence and find a profound new level of unshakable grounded and richly connected being.

skip forward

Guests leave the The Big Pause with such a glow of soft strength, positivity, lightness and embodiment that they might barely recognise themselves as they were a week earlier. It is sometimes sad to leave such a paradise - but also heart warming to start the next phase, carrying a new sense of heart, mind, body and spiritual alignment, more connected than ever to our intuitive selves and the parts of us that maybe never get allowed out in our busy lives but try to gain our attention in our dreams or day dreams.